Version 1.0.4 ( August 9th, 2016 )

A new update for Heart and Style is released, you can download it from the Downloads page on Themeforest. Below is a list of fixes and improvements.

  • Added option to disable sticky sidebar
  • Added option to disable sticky header
  • Added system to count post views ( currently used for the posts widget )
  • Added option for the posts widget to order by post views
  • Improved documentation
  • Improved caching for social sharing counter to minimize the potential of hitting the API limit
  • Improved social sharing counter to remember the counts so if API limit reached it won't go back to 0
  • Fixed Twitter count which was not working because the official Twitter API for counting tweets was removed. Check the "Other -> Twitter Shares Count" section of the documentation
  • Improved sticky sidebar functionality
  • Fixed Issue with "load more" for posts not working properly

How To Update

  1. Go to WP admin > Appearance > Themes
  2. Switch to a default WordPress theme ( TwentyThirteen, TwentyFourteen... )
  3. Click on Meridian Fitness in the listing and click "delete" in bottom right corner
  4. Upload and activate the new version of the theme that you downloaded from Themeforest