Version 1.0.1 ( September 17th, 2016 )

A new update for Meridian Recipes is released, you can download it from the Downloads page on Themeforest. Below is a list of fixes and improvements.

  • Added options to change the slugs ( recipe-view, recipes-category, recipes-tag ). The options are in Customizer > Slugs. Make sure to read the description above the options.
  • Added option to add an image/photo for recipe instructions.
  • Added option to change the layout of ingredients/instructions to be in separate rows. The option is in Customizer > Other.
  • Added option to set a different logo on specific pages. Located under "General Options" when adding/editing a page.
  • Fixed issue with the instruction and ingredients headings shown even when there are no insturctions or ingredients to show.

How To Update

  1. Go to WP admin > Appearance > Themes
  2. Switch to a default WordPress theme ( TwentyThirteen, TwentyFourteen... )
  3. Click on Meridian Recipes in the listing and click "delete" in bottom right corner
  4. Upload and activate the new version of the theme that you downloaded from Themeforest

Plugin Update

Some changes were made to the "Meridian Recipes Features" plugin. So after updating the theme deactivate and delete that plugin. You will then see a notification at the top of the dashboard to install it, follow the instructions and the new version will be installed.